Unlocking the Value: The Importance of Jewelry Appraisals

What is a Jewelry Appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal is a meticulous evaluation conducted by a certified appraiser to determine the monetary value of a piece of jewelry. This assessment considers various factors, including the quality of materials (such as metals and gemstones), craftsmanship, historical significance, and market demand. Through a combination of expertise, research, and industry knowledge, appraisers provide an accurate representation of a jewelry item's worth.


Importance of a Jewelry Appraisal

Insurance Coverage

An appraisal serves as documentation for insurance purposes, ensuring that your jewelry is adequately covered in the event of loss, theft, or damage. With a detailed appraisal report, you can secure appropriate insurance coverage and receive fair compensation in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Estate Planning

 Jewelry appraisals play a crucial role in estate planning by providing clarity on the value of jewelry assets. Whether you're dividing heirlooms among family members or determining tax liabilities, accurate appraisals facilitate informed decision-making and equitable distribution of assets.

Resale and Liquidation

 When selling or liquidating jewelry, having a professional appraisal can help you set realistic prices and negotiate favorable deals. By understanding the current market value of your pieces, you can maximize returns and navigate transactions with confidence.


Our Appraisal Process

Intake & Inspection

Your jewelry will undergo a detailed inspection upon intake. We will inform you of any concerns or damage that should be addressed prior to completing an appraisal.

We will also gather all pertinent customer and item information guaranteeing a precise appraisal.

Detailed Evaluation

Our expert appraiser will complete a full evaluation of your jewelry in order to provide an accurate replacement value.

This evaluation will include all defining characteristics of any gemstones (cut, color, carat weight, clarity, etc.), metal type, design particulars and setting details.

Appraisal Documentation & Consultation

Upon completion of your appraisal one of our jewelry experts will provide you with a full review of your detailed appraisal & present you with a hard copy.

At this time we can also provide you with information and resources on getting your jewelry insured and warrantied.


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